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Laura Odl is a sound artist, radio producer, sound designer, musician and music selector based in Berlin since 2007. She completed her studies in the Berlin University of Arts (UDK) master Sound Studies and Sonic Arts in 2017.

At the heart of Laura's artistic exploration lies a fascination with obsolete media. From cassettes and faxes to reel-to-reel recorders; CDs and answering machines, these seemingly forgotten artifacts become integral components of her artistic expression. 

As Dj she plays under the name of Ondula,  she have played in International festivals like Strcamp, Polyhymnia, New Dance Fantasy, City of Thousand Suns, Camp Cosmic or Braille Sattelite.  She has been resident of the club Sameheads where she hosted the party Diapason, together with Eva Geist, and part of Berlin local communities like Sucked Orange Gallery, Otannenbaum, Musikii Radio, Del Rex..

As one half of the electronic music duo As Longitude, Laura collaborates with her partner Eva Geist to explore the boundaries of electronic music. Affiliated with Berlin's Eine Welt and the Dutch Label Knekelhuis, As Longitude released their debut EP, "Blauer Part," in 2017, followed by "That’s When Animals Turned into Humans" on Macadam Mambo in December 2018. Some of her solo work can be found in the compilation Zauberstab V.A. Vol 1 released by LÍO Press in 2021.


At the moment she is focused in sound design, radio collages and she is part of the project Corpus Filmico:Pulsiones, An expanded cinema performance and artistic research together with Natalia Salazar.

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