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Laura Odl is a sound artist, radio producer, musician and  Dj based in Berlin since 2007. She completed her studies in the Berlin University of Arts (UDK) master Sound Studies and Sonic Arts. Explorer of sound and music, collector of records and cassettes tapes she also collects pieces of reality recording sounds everywhere she goes.  As an artist she works with field recordings, analogue tape machines, cassette players and other obsolete media. For her the medium is as important as the sound itself, becoming another compositional element whose manipulation influences and is part of the arrangement. Her work with field recordings consists in transforming and modifying sounds, placing them in a different context. In 2014 she was part of the Deutsche Oper production "Sounds for a While", being part of the creative team and performed with 4 reel-to reel tape machines and other self -made instruments. In 2017 she has presented her piece "Obsolete Resonances" at Kesselhaus Berlin, a composition for tape machines, cassette players, typewriter and fax. 


As Dj she plays under the name of Ondula,  she have played in International festivals like Strcamp, Polyhymnia, New Dance Fantasy, City of Thousand Suns, Camp Cosmic or Braille Sattelite.  Resident of the club Sameheads where she hosts the party Diapason, together with Eva Geist.

She is the half of  the electronic music duo As Longitude (with Eva Geist).  As Longitude is part of the Berlin label Eine Welt and the Dutch label Knekelhuis where their first Ep, Blauer Part, was released in 2017. Their second Ep That’s When Animals Turned into Humans  was released in December 2018 on Macadam Mambo.

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